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"Yes, yes you are" she grinned. "But I get so bored when you’re not around. Most of my friends have gone, at least for now, so I’ve had no one to play with…" she said with a slight pout.

Slowly, she approached him, moving around him in a small circle, not unlike a hunting cat. Holding her hands behind her back, she leaned forward slightly and gave him a terribly devilish grin. “So… Have you come to play with me?” she asked blithely.

He tsk’d and shook his head, his own hands clasping behind his back as he watched her circle around him. Only his eyes following her. He stayed perfectly still, sensing her behind his back; the grin she wore provoking his own lips to curl, fangs peeking out as he leant forward as well. 

"But of course. To play and play.. and play some more." Oh how she brought the wicked out in him. 

Child Toys 



He sighed, defeated. His glower deepening only for a moment before he shook his head. He had to give Cam credit for having been as successful as he had been with his little trick. “If you must know…” He started, letting those last bits of irritation trickle from his voice. “I was shopping.”

He lifted his brows and eyed him, practically saying ‘what do you have to say about that?’ with his smirk alone. 

Cam grinned as Jasper relented, and now that he was sure Jasper wasn’t going to get angry enough to attack Cam, he stepped up to Jasper’s side. “For children’s toys?” Cam asked, his head tilting to the side curiously. he wasn’t judging Jasper, merely surprised by any idea of Jasper knowing any children. “Do you have kids?”

"Oui, I do. One." He replied. Strange, yes, for a vampire to speak of having children but Jasper no longer felt the need to elaborate or explain the exact manner in which he had adopted one. Tristan was his just as much as he was his biological father’s. "I assume you’re here, shopping for yourself?" He asked, looking as innocent as ever as he dealt that playful jab. 

?-Whips past him, just a blur. A hiss into the air by his ear to unnerve him- //I dunno Jasper said it was his turn to mess with Cam :|




*Tenses and jumps in surprise, whipping around as if expecting to see someone behind him. He frowns when no one is there and turns back to continue walking* //hiiii! rightfully so XD is it my turn in that thread we have going? D: ah god i’m sorry if it is

He darts forward and stops right behind him, as silent as ever. Steps matching Cam’s, he follows. A cool breath of air sent out against the back of his neck before the vampire’s gone again.

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Et Il Se Sent Si Bon | Toulouse & Jasper 

Jasper’s shoes clicked against the pavement as he strolled through the streets of Paris. Age had withered it but it was still just as magnificent as it had been when he lived here all those years ago. It beat with life. Hearts pounded away around him but only one held his attention and tugged at his chest as it led him around buildings, past vehicles racing by him, and through the bustling crowd. An invisible string untangling itself the closer he came to reaching his destination. 

He stood outside the gates of his once home. It still held that title of course, only it had been twenty-three years since he’s last set eyes on it or treated it as such. That tug was still fierce in his chest as he stood there but he had other plans for this sweet reunion and he held on to his patience like a vice to keep from ruining it.

Jasper pulled an envelope from his coat. The parchment inside holding a few lines of instruction. Where, when, and what time. Oh and another line indicating that the man come alone; nothing else. Cryptic and worrisome on its own, yes. But the scent of honey lingered on the page; faint but there. He slipped the envelope in the mailbox before he strolled away, keeping his gaze fixed ahead. 

He had a week, only a week. Just one more week. 

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   Toulouse could do naught but smile at the time they’d been sharing together. Eskimoing his nose along Tristan’s and the tot giggling up the most precious storm. “Moi aussi! Je veux que mon petit de rester pour toujours mon petit.” Tristan scrunched up his nose and hopped up and down in place clapping his hands. Toulouse taking that opportunity to glamour the image of illuminated sparkles sprinkling down from the tree that was atop them; only resulting in Tristan all the more excited.

"Oooh—" Jasper gasped. "Qu’est ce que c’est petit?" Tristan stopped hopping up and down but his tiny arms remained above his head as he made grabby hands at the sparkles. If he couldn’t catch one he tried for another. "Un moment!" Jasper sat up and grabbed an empty jar, crouching next to him before he held it up and urged Tristan to take it, which he did. And with Jasper’s help they lifted it up in the air trying to catch a few. 


   He bit his lower lip as he laughed, wrinkling his nose at Jasper as he took his arm away from him. “Mhm, non — I don’t think it’s there either.” He played along and shook out his curls. “Don’t believe it’s up there, je ne sais pas-!”

Jasper brought his brows together and eyed Tou, scrutinizing. “Tu ne sais pas? Je ne te crois pas.” He gave a pointed look though amusement played at his lips. 

Propositions, long overdue || Jasper, Byron, Tou 



  The lord was seducing the pair without even the slightest thought of his boldness bordering on impertinence, but carnality, like all balmy climates — clouded the wits and galvanised the senses. He was in another man’s house and his comfort was a learned trait, one of elemental awareness that through similarities of experience became second nature — but he felt he was not alone in this. He could sense age like woodrot, and he had sensed it for some time and in the exorbitance of sweat it was pungent, so much so, he could taste it. One was not like the other. This alone could have intrigued him were there nothing else to provoke him in the circumstances. This was all preludinous to sex and though he was in two halves, patient and impatient the approach of tedium in view of the neglect of one party was ever on his mind.  

  In all his former advances on Tou, contrariwise would it be to deny him so callously in favour of his lover now. Jasper’s moans were more attentive to the rapacity of his game and the empathetic rise of his cock then in giving him the ministrations to stop. His lips parted, head rolling back as a groan rumbled along his tongue as that unsparing hand slipped downward and held his straining breadth, impressing himself in all lewdness against his lordship who suffered that sultry, gaping amusement that accompanies a welcomed surprise. He devoured his demands and found they too resembled his own. Byron then turned and caught his host’s cheek. “I want to see the assent in your eyes when I take him.” Then his hand fell and slumped to his side and he moved towards the younger of the two and rounded him, vulturine as intent built in his tread. The distance between them was nearly nonexistent.  

  “You are not nesh to a good thrashing,” He paused, the interruption of a grin roused over his countenance which by design seemed artful almost wicked as he breathed against his subject’s neck. “— I hope?” He was standing behind him, aware of the intensity of blindness in the artem stupri; — pedicare, pedicabo — he wanted all. His hands freed the waistcoat from his chest and whipped it against the ground, to throw Tou into some disquiet as his resonance beckoned: “Shameless thought, how can I forgive you…?” He was daring him to take, his fingers ghosting along the young man’s sides, beveling over his hips and hovering there. “Would you risk hesitance again, my bully, —” Voice dropping to a whisper, a hand passed up to his neck where the other sank lower, “and have me suffer?”

  What was the game, and where did the avarice in the lord’s words begin and end? Was he indeed, serious? He did not know, could not vouch and yet the self-assurance in his tone was unquestionable. He was chiding merely because it pleased him to chide and he preferred to fuck angrily than to be kind — but above all, the impressionable quality of youth was such that it was translucent in his eyes — bendable, penetrable and fleeting. To make a man uncomfortable of his own desires was expertise: "quod est contra naturam, est naturalis." That which is contrary to nature, is natural a veritable Sadism, indeed. Had this not been his practice with Tou, and did he not see through him from the first? Oh, but he had and he did. He saw through him now, he saw through this situation and he was flattered to have inveigled circumstance to this occurrence.  

  “Enlighten me, boy — what have you done to effectuate such selfishness?” Insult accented his words, “such gall in your requests?” He hissed, smiling suddenly his breath just grazing the flesh of his neck enough to christen him. His hand dropped and lingered just above Tou’s groin. “Let your penance be your seduction and allow yourself the audacity to take what you want.” He brought his lips to his ear, “and how long have you wanted me to fuck you…?” There was no weakness in temptation, only a terrible inordinate strength to risk. Here was a youth on earth playing with old gods with that perfect freshness. He was purity in the raw to the lord because he was young and beautiful. “Do not disappoint me.”

   Chocolate eyes were hesitant to draw away from the pair. The way Jasper’s hand cupped against Byron stirred him most deliciously within his loins. Setting his blood to boil with desire; igniting a flame of lust in their wake as he moaned. Not even being touched, just yet. “Gods…” Eyes upon his opposite as Byron rounded Toulouse as if he was to devour him whole. and in a sense he would. By the end of this night until the break of dawn Toulouse would be devoured completely by both his lover and friend.

   Teeth graze the flesh of his lips, the sensation of breath upon his neck spurn heat to lick at his skin. A deep swallow, bated breath as those fingers ghost his skin. It makes him tremble, it makes him sweat. Brunette curls to dip down along olive flesh, it’s nearly as if he stole his ability to voice words. He knew all of the things he wished to say but the formations of letters to fall from his lips seemed to be stifled behind soft moans and delicate breaths.

   The Lord’s words drew a furrow to Toulouse’s brows though, he would beg if it pleased him so. There would be no hesitance in it. Because here he had in his hands something he was garnering for far too long. From the moment his path met into Byron’s, he was doomed to imagine himself with this man in the throes of passion. And to have his beloved’s blessing; to have his beloved hold that same yearning for the Lord Byron only made this all the sweeter. “Oh Byron — s’il vous plait..”

   Allowing each word to sink within, flood itself into his pores and breath in him a new energy. Toulouse exhaled with a new fire within his chest. With Byron at his hind and Jasper before him, watching, observing with delight. He wanted to please himself as well as his love. The pair of them had gotten the best out of teasing Toulouse and he wanted them. He yearned to have them. As Byron’s hand only teased against his groin, Toulouse took that advice the Lord gave him brazenly to heart and placed fingers over his own. Guiding Byron’s hands exactly where he wanted them to be; upon him. Touching hardened flesh, evident of the want in his body brought on by the pair of them.

   ”You both tease me so cruelly.” He spoke aloud, hips swaying back to press against the groin of the Lord’s. “I’ve wanted you to fuck me since I saw you the first time.” And it was true. He was finally allowed to have fully something he wanted. Toulouse turned in Byron’s arms, nails grazing to rake at his arms whilst his lips hovered along the man’s lips. “There is something delectably intoxicating about Jasper that you seem to share… I don’t desire others so easily, Byron—” The tip of his tongue finds it’s way to trace along the Lord’s lips. “I don’t know what it is about either of you that awaken such a fire in me so.” To hold carnal desire to have two bodies. Such lecherous sin. A deep kiss was then pressed, to know his lips finally after so long. Was enough to make his knees buckle; Tou slipped his arms around him snug about his neck, practically forcing his tongue past the Lord’s lips. Sharing in a kiss for so long before he pulled away, only to look to Jasper then. “Come here.”

With an expression that clearly said, I look forward to it, Jasper stepped away and took a seat. Feet spread apart, palm pressed to his groin to still the throb, he ran fingers across his lips and released a human breath. A breath that stilled the moment Byron rounded Tou and he was revealed to him. So small, so delicate, heated and aching, a delicious contrast to the predator that loomed over him. 

Byron, ah Byron. Two dominant beings in the same room rarely fared well. Two, and a third that roused the beast in both of them. Were they lions surely one would be left mangled on the floor while the victor claimed his prize. But that was it, wasn’t it? Toulouse wasn’t a prize to be won. There were no covetous egos vying for control just the unadulterated lust that swelled and rippled between the three of them. And being an observer was just as rousing, if not more, for it wasn’t often he sat back and enjoyed the sight of his lover’s desires smoldering beneath his skin. Especially with one who was so adept at stirring them. 

Jasper’s gaze travelled between the two. He almost laughed at the sharpness with which Byron flung his words. His tongue settled against a fang while a smirk curled up on his lips and when the lord flung his final command Jasper watched on eagerly for what the boy would do. He knew Tou wasn’t nearly as timid as he seemed, if he wanted to be fucked he would be. 

The vampire moaned his approval, low and mostly to himself as he canted his head to the side. Darkness hooded blue eyes and that smirk he wore was laced with smugness before a low snicker followed. He would never apologize for teasing. By the end of the night that would be a memory long lost in the haze of pleasure. And what fun could be had without a little teasing? While Tou spoke Jasper watched Byron, he had always known of the man’s yearning to bed his lover. And there he was with the boy pressed against him with only fabric separating flesh from flesh. There was never a time he would have thought the pull in his chest would be so strong to witness Byron claim what only he was allowed to touch. But he might have assented then and there had Tou’s command not entered his ear. 

He blinked and finally stood. “Delectable isn’t he Byron?” He questioned as he sauntered over, standing close behind Toulouse. He reached chill fingers out and trailed them down his spine, scratching in a way that would have him trembling. He reached his opposite hand out and cupped it around the curve of Byron’s jaw, turning fierce eyes to him now. “And how hotly has your desire burned hm? Have you gone to bed dreaming about how sweet his voice would sound crying out your name, how tight he would feel around your cock?”

Jasper pressed a kiss to the curve of Tou’s throat before he turned him around and pressed him back against Byron’s front as he stepped forward. Then reaching around he found the lord’s ass and squeezed to pull him forward, snickering lowly as his lips found his lover’s plush ones.


"Jasper" she returned with a playful, little curtsy, her fingers grasping air since she was wearing green jeans rather than anything one might traditionally curtsy with.

"You know, one day I’m going to figure out how to do that flying thing and then you’re going to be in trouble" she said with a feigned scolding tone, wagging her finger at him. She truly believed it was not likely that she would ever be able to fly, let alone use it against him.

"Where have you been hiding? I haven’t seen you in… Ages" she said, honestly unable to recall how long it had been. The last time must have been at the theme park, which seemed both recent and a lifetime ago. She wondered if other vampires had the same issue with time, but was a bit too embarrassed to bring such a thing up.

"Oh I tremble at the thought." He teased lightly. It was a thing he wondered though, how gifts were dealt between the undead. He’d only known few who could fly yet he’d met others with abilities he didn’t carry. Those who could read the minds of mortals, or control fire. He couldn’t deny he hadn’t felt a stab of jealousy when he witnessed that one. 

At her words he hummed low in his throat, almost asking himself that question. “I wasn’t hiding, at least not intentionally. Time is just so easy to lose track of.” He made a sweeping motion with his hands, offering himself up to her with a smile. “But here I am now, non?” 

Child Toys 


Watching Jasper struggled and fumble over his words was surprisingly satisfying for Cam. It was hard not to laugh at the visible struggle Jasper was demonstrating, and Cam placed a hand over his mouth to stifle his giggling. Once Jasper stopped struggling visually and fell silent, Cam dropped his hand and bit his lower lip to try and hold back a grin. He waited for Jasper to find words. 

"I was just walking past and noticed a familiar face," Cam answered and dropped his hand so his smile could rest freely over his lips. "I think again that question can be directed at you- why are you here?"

He sighed, defeated. His glower deepening only for a moment before he shook his head. He had to give Cam credit for having been as successful as he had been with his little trick. “If you must know…” He started, letting those last bits of irritation trickle from his voice. “I was shopping.”

He lifted his brows and eyed him, practically saying ‘what do you have to say about that?’ with his smirk alone. 


   With a little magical help, there finally he had the most perfect set up ready. Near the lake, under a shade of tree leaves for the trio to enjoy. Toulouse smiled with joy when Tristan ran into his arms, picking his son up and spinning about with him in a happy manner. “Ah, mon petit amour.” He smiled, kisses peppered all over his boy’s cheeks then. “Ajourd’hui ton anniversaire — seconde anniversaire!”

Jasper was sprawled on the grass, wiping spittle from his chin as he rolled over and settled himself on his side, watching the two happily. He laughed when Tristan squealed and he was glad to see the day’s festivities hadn’t worn him out. “Seconde?” He repeated, sitting and glowering at the little boy. “Je ne sais pas ce que je ferai si tu vieillis une autre année, monsieur.”